“Few travellers to Argentina make it as far as the Puna, a tour to the Puna is not regular travel, but a real expedition in a very remote region. This is a rough road trip without “luxury”acommodation and fancy restaurants, but if you like to explore and don´t mind the long hours by car and the basic services , this is a perfect choice for you. ”

The Puna is an high altitude plateau that occupies the northwestern desert among the mountains west of Purmamarca, Salta and Cafayate, up to the border with Chile and Bolivia. The plateau has an average altitude of 3500 meters, among Andean peaks that frequently exceed 6000 meters of elevation. Because of the very low precipitations, the Puna is considered a high mountain desert and the area is very remote, almost completely uninhabited, not yet targeted by mass tourism.
The Puna has geological and scenic features that make it one of the last paradises in the world, yet to be discovered, a perfect place for photography enthusiasts, geologists, botanists and anyone who loves extreme landscapes. The harshness of the climate without tall vegetation, joint to the almost total absence of snow, shows bare rocks with a turbulent history that tells how the south American continent was born, while large salt pans, colorful lagoons and minerals with psychedelic colors, create a unique landscape.
But even if the Puna is a harsh desert, just look closely at the ground to discover an endless variety of miniature plants that have evolved to cope with such difficult conditions, while vicuñas, llamas, ostriches and flamingos wander among places that seem impossible for the life.