“What’s truly incredible about a visit to this region is that it somehow makes time travel seem possible! The desert remains untouched and the local inhabitants seem to exist in a perpetual timeless world, living off what the land provides, unaffected by modern influences. A journey here offers a real insight into life in a landscape shaped by fierce wind and strong sun without the benefit of arable land – a place where condors soar high above and goats (and their related products) are the mainstay of the diet.” Andy Levine A Luxury Travel Blog

Going on the famous roundtrip around the Calchaquí Valleys is a must for all those who wish to see Argentina. This incredible area is a geological marvel, with multi-hued canyons of varying colors of red clay, green stone, striated by chalk layers. The region belongs to the "prepuna" environment, an expansive semi-desert characterized by the presence of valleys and gorges that are sprinkled with thistle and cactus plants several feet high. These valleys were once inhabited by a number of tribes. Ruins of the Quilmes can be found in Tucumán. Other tribes of the area included the Calchaquíes and diaguitas. Decades before facing the invasion of the Spanish colonization, the natives of these lands suffered the invasion of the Inca Empire. Nowadays the City of Cafayate perfectly represents the spirit of the region, completed by the small village of Cachi. This area is also one of Argentina’s most successful wine producers. The dry high altitude creates the perfect climate for growing Torrontés grapes which produce a crisp and fragrant white wine.